Aja Anne

The Trust Technique Video Course is such a rich package of hands-on visuals that with each video I dove deeper into the different dimensions of this amazing technique. Through the video course, I was able to witness the transformation of so many different individuals under the most diverse living conditions, that I step by step developed an increasingly finer perception and gained a more and more differentiated awareness of the amazingly interdependent relationship between us humans and our animals. I was highly impressed by the vast range of knowledge, skills and experience that James and Shelley can rely on and it is a great pleasure to learn from them and the contagious gentle, peaceful atmosphere they convey. It was so touching at times to watch them in action that I advise everyone who is planning to take this course to have a kleenex -box to hand -:) By discovering the trust technique I gained back the motivation, confidence and innate joy to engage in the field of the human-animal relationship. To find the TT in the world-wide-web was quite a revelation for me because I had many moments of intuitively grasping situations when it comes to dealing with horses or dogs that left me highly doubtful and felt left alone with it. Thank you for this amazing piece of work you brought to life by following your calling, James and Shelley. Here is MY big sigh of relief.