Alex Nadolishny

I'm still learning, but I was already able to use the Trust Technique with my 2.5 yr dog, a green horse I'm working with, and neighbours' puppies (we teamed up with my dog working on them, she may be learning the TT faster than I can!))) It was truly an eye-opener. Some elements of this can be found in the teachings and techniques of the best dog and horse trainers - perhaps arrived at intuitively; but James was able to actually make a comprehensive system, explain why and how it works, and create highly effective practical guidance. This makes this technique so effective and universal. It also allows one to sort through methods and techniques one has been taught before learning this or may encounter later - and remove counterproductive elements that often inhibit growth and progress. This course is truly amazing and I would recommend it to everyone who is looking to progress beyond fixed prescriptive training methods, build trust and communication with their animal, build self-awareness and work on advanced forms of cooperative interaction. I would like to mention that many elements of TT also work well with small children who are not yet relying on verbal communication. I've also noticed that I'm now changing my communication with adults as well, recognizing a very important component of non-verbal communication between humans.