Andrea Yould

It's nice to know I was on the right track all this time. My first pony was my biggest teacher and taught me that we were supposed to be in a partnership not a dictatorship and he taught me to ask for his cooperation rather than force him to do things. I used to ask his permission to ride which to me was a privilege when he said yes. I know people have looked at me and thought I was nuts but I don't care. I can't wait to deepen my relationship with my youngster now that I can learn the TRUST TECHNIQUE and hope to persuade others to do it also. Who wouldn't want to have that incredible bond with their horse? It's the ones who don't that I think are nuts! They're missing out on so much, if only they knew....... Thank you for all you do to transform the lives of animals and their guardians and long may you continue to do so. I pray that more people listen to their horses and start to put their feelings first and learn the TRUST TECHNIQUE!