Anne Eardley

I have absolutely loved working through this course, in fact so much so that I didn't want to get to the end. i have cried many times, and constantly been in awe of the wonderful understanding that James shares with so many animal species. On a practical level, it has greatly enhanced my ability to share special moments with my own animals, in particular a very sensitive miniature Shetland mare who has been with me for over fifteen years. Fanta has never shown any desire to spend time with me, often walking away when i approached her. There have been occasions when i couldn't get near enough to put her headcollar on for the farrier's visit, and then her feet missed their trim. But now that I have learned how to be in the present moment and use mindful regard, she comes up to me willingly and asks for a scratch. i have four ponies and have felt many times over the summer that they have been working with James to teach me. Thank you so much, James and Shelley, for giving me the opportunity to be the person my ponies want me to be. And also, to the memory of Delorean who showed how powerful trust and love can be.