Anne-Marie Baker

Awe me and Cleo my cat loved this course, I bought it some months earlier after watching the initial video: Messages of Trust as I was so touched and moved I wanted to support this gentle, simple yet highly powerful program for the Trust teams future projects so I purchased the next TT Video Course. Cleo was at her end of life stage and through this program I learned how anxious she was (I thought it was just me) and thinking back she had been over the years, I only wish I paid attention more when I connected with the Trust-Techniques; Message of Trust introduction first time around 2007 ish. Where I could have improved the lives of the other animals I had at the time, I can see where things could have been more peaceful with this practice. Hindsight! Clarity is such a gift... We had some unforgettable deep moments, between Cleo and I during her final weeks, a closeness on another level, there was such emotion and other beautiful feelings, that I was privileged to feel. Cleo was 18 when she moved on, that last day she slept so soundly and so relaxed, I hadn't seen her like that for a while (her kidneys was troubling her) Ive used many many products to release emotions, heal, improve state of mind over the years etc, Reiki is a wonderful tool I enjoy very much, but this is on another level... Highly recommend it, my own life has improved so much and my focus is now Peace of Mind. Thank you Trust technique team for bringing this public. Its a true blessing. Lots of love Anne-Marie