Annika Ruong

I have been working with dogs since I was 16 of age. I have always used quiet comunication as my most useful way. I have worked with rescue dogs and helping people see dogs and Animals differently, and I have passed this knowledge on to my kids. This picture is of my 13 year old dotter with one of our Great Pyrenees when he was 7 months old. I joined this site, because I still believe there is so much more to learn, and also to remind us of. I do love to watch you speak and work. For me it all came naturally from birth, and my Mother had a hard time keeping me away from any living animal, and I have learnt alot during the years. I notice that what I call commen sence, is not for everyone. Thankyou so much for inspiring so many people to open their minds, hearts and souls! Best wishes from Sweden // Annika