If I could give you a BILLION STARS ???? I WOULD. I share your dream. Iv had many horses. We were all “brainwashed “ in tradition. I have a horse who wanted me to find you. I care for 14 horses ponies and mini donkeys. My best friend helps me at the farm. She also has 3 dogs and cares for pets. You changed all our lives in every way. I hope to share your dream with as many as possible through my example. Love and Hugs from all of us!! Sparkles (that’s me) Vicki, Bo, LILO, Cricket, Chubba, Abby, Gastone, Laddie, Spirit, Coz, Willie, Angelo, Carlos, Zohan, Tello, Picasso, Pony, Shaq, Rex, Danny, Ninja, Maco, and Buster.