Thank you for the awesome inspiration! I am in the process of adopting a mustang yearling, whose mother died recently and who was chased out of his band at 10 months old, and have been at a loss as to the best way to reach him without creating more trauma in his young life. I am on the board of an equine rescue in Northern Nevada in the US and fell in love with him when he arrived. He’s my first horse and I know intuitively that I want a relationship of trusted cooperation with him. I have come to understand that the popular techniques, cowboying (especially popular here), dominance / fear and pressure / release risk increasing his trauma and mistrust. I believe that the Trust Technique will help to build s trusted relationship with him and enhance our relationship with many of the other reactive / sensitive (either wild or sorely failed by humans) equines at the rescue. I plan to gift the Messages of Trust to my fellow board members and encourage all to consider this approach. I will invest in the video course and begin to apply the principles with confidence that the results will speak for themselves and the decreased energy / thinking level at our rescue will enhance the lives of our board members, the volunteers and especially the equines. ❤️