Bonnie Rhynard-Buhl

Your messages resonated with a lifetime spent communicating and living with horses with whom I've always felt a connection, starting with a wild herd on our ranch in Montana when I was 4 yrs. old. I would routinely sleep with them, and had no fear, nor did they from my presence. My life vocation has been to care for horses in pain, abused, disabled, old or corrupt, who somehow find me before ending up euthanized, abandoned or sold at auction. I'm old and have a verified equine sanctuary for 13 of these remaining now mid- to senior-aged horses. The horses do even more for the people who volunteer to help care for them than the people do for the horses, but everyone's hearts are in the right place. I am hoping to share what I've learned, as you've given me words to explain the things I've sensed, and used, in my own way but always going against the grain of my family, trainers and tradition, so thinking I was odd. But animals, especially horses, have always liked me, and making them as healthy, healed and whole as I can is all I've cared about. I LOVE YOUR MESSAGES and will be sharing the word with everyone I can! 🙂