Brenda Barton

The first thing that struck me about the Trust Technique was the simple but effective practice of being in the Present Moment. As one who practices meditation, the instructions for quieting my mind were so much easier than any other method I’ve used in the past, and very achievable for everyone. Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzzword lately, and at times it seems like the meaning is being watered down. But the mindfulness practice of the Trust Technique is authentic. All the steps are well-explained and reinforced throughout all the videos, demonstrating in detail their effectiveness and allowing the learner to practice along with the process to develop their own awareness and timing of how to apply all aspects of the technique, the gentle dance of compassion and support. It was the ability to be able to share this peaceful feeling with others that really touched me to my core! My very first horse had a quality that I’ve not seen in any other horse that I’ve known since. He was like a magnet to any horses who shared his space, they would gather around him with heads low, and usually held in his girth/heart area. And they would melt. All would stand quietly dozing and the comfort was palpable. I would watch them and wonder ‘How does he do that?!’. And how can I do that? And I’ve spent many years trying to figure it out. Well, I do believe I’ve now found the way! I’ve learned to ‘be’ that. When I stand with my horses, I think to them ‘We’re here, sharing Pepper energy’ and I know they understand. I can’t wait to see how our relationships and experiences grow! Pepper would be so proud! Thank you for developing and sharing this exciting and empowering gift to help take us to the next level of exploring our interconnection with all others!