Carol Shannon

I first discovered the Trust Technique in February of 2016. I purchased the lifetime video course and watched and absorbed every minute of it. I couldn't get enough, this spoke to me like nothing else I've ever experienced before. I was fully prepared to travel to England for the level one training and saw there was a 6 year wait list. I am now eagerly awaiting the completion of the online practitioner training program so I can become certified. I am also watching the entire video course for a second time. My own dog is a rescue and in the past has been very fearful of many things. I use the Trust Technique with her daily and she has made leaps and bounds with her confidence. I've been a professional groomer for 34 years now and while time restrictions don't allow me to really "work" with my clients dogs when I'm grooming them, I can at least bring peace of mind, calmness and non reaction to my practice while I work. I'm so incredibly grateful for James and Shelley and what they bring to the world with their gifts. Their lights shine brightly 🙂 Love and blessings to everyone! ❤️