Caroline Sherwood

It was watching Anna Breytenbach communicating with a black leopard that alerted me to what is possible in this territory. Since small, I have had good relationships with animals and talked to them freely (and sometimes silently), but being able to decipher the specifics of what they communicated back has never been as highly developed in me as I saw it in Anna. The person who recommended Anna to me, also recommended your work, and I'm so grateful to have found this course. I really appreciate (and am enjoying) the user-friendliness and flexibility of the facilities (such as the notetaking function). I think this course should be part of the required curriculum in every school in the country! I love the blend of information, video footage with animals and practical exercises. I fill with tears, and then I grin, every time I watch one your videos. Feeling the tangible relief in each horse at it flops down beside its quietly loving human listener. I do not live with an animal at present. If I did, it would be a cat, but 'pets' are not allowed where I live. (The attached photo is of a late great feline friend, Rupert). So learning is for me for now and to share with my next new animal companion in the future.