carolyn klause

The Trust Technique has definitely been the best thing I have ever done for my horse Edward Bear. The best money I have ever spent. Edward Bear is my 17'2 Hanoverian gelding. He was very aggressive in his stall. He would kick, buck, bare his teeth and bite. Obviously everyone considered him very dangerous. He had bit me on several occasions. I was at my wits end. I purchased the Trust Technique and started working with him on Jan 27th. The transformation with Edward Bear has been unbelievable. I worked with him very slowly and followed that exact advice of Shelly and James. Another outstanding part of this course was when I reached out for some help , Shelly emailed me back within 24 hours. Very impressive in this day and age. Shelly was extremely knowledgeable and gave me very specific details on how to work with him. Edward Bear has literally been transformed. Even the staff at the stable have said in awe, "What have you done to him?" I am now able to tack him up in his stall with no aggressive reactions. Edward Bear is a show jumper and was very reluctant to work. Now he seems very eager to please me. He even comes to the door ready to put his halter on. I did not think this would ever be possible. Shelly and James, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing your Trust Technique to the world. Sincerely Carolyn Klause and Edward Bear:)