Cat Dubber

I very much enjoyed the course. As a professional dog behaviourist, whose approach is based on building up a two way relationship of trust and respect with my dog clients, I am always interested to learn of new techniques and approaches to helping the dogs I work with. My work involves dealing with dogs of all temperaments, from super confident to sensitive or nervous. I was keen to learn more about the Trust Technique on behalf of my more nervous/sensitive clients, because in order to help them with their issues, it is absolutely essential that they trust me fully. Whilst it is still early days, I have had the opportunity to try the technique out on one particularly sensitive dog whose owners had asked me to help and I did find that it produced a very rapid change in the dog in a very short space of time. It was clear to me on first meeting the dog that it was on edge all the time, and whilst friendly, was unable to trust me fully. After spending some time using the Trust Technique on the dog, his demeanour when I am with him has changed from tense to totally relaxed and trusting, and this has massively speeded up my ability to help him with his particular behavioural issues. Thank you for your course, it has been very helpul!