Chas Robert

I was very much drawn to these messages as I felt an immediate connection with them. I worked as a secondary school teacher for 38 years and the last third of that in inner city London schools so I know full well that anything other than trust produces very limited results. Any form of aggression is a complete no no and sincerity is absolutely essential. You can’t make children learn but hopefully you can provide the environment in which they want to learn. I retired 11 years ago and for the past 10 1/2 years I have worked first with one dog and now three and we have achieved much using positive rewards. Despite the knowledge I already have I really appreciated listening to these messages as they made such a lot of sense to me. You explained the information you wanted to share in a really lovely way. I was taken by the care you took to detail and illustrate with video and other examples what you meant. I am certainly drawn to wanting, not only to find out more information, but to how to develop appropriate behaviours of my own as I appreciate there is one thing to have the theoretical knowledge and another to put this knowledge into practice. I look forward to continuing to learn more. Thank you Chas