Cheryl Leue

Thank you! I am really enjoying this course and having worked through Messages of Trust and Starting To Learn the techniques I am super excited to continue to Part 3. The best example of how Trust Technique is my little South African Pygmy hedgehog. I live in Bali and goodness knows how Lola came here. The local "Landak" are more like porcupines. I took over guardianship of little Lola a few weeks ago and we have built an amazing relationship with what I have learned so far. She loves me sitting with her in a peaceful state and is super relaxed. Late at night however, she likes to show off as I sit quietly and just 'be' with her while she races around my spare indoor/outdoor bathroom complete with a garden, showing off on her exercise wheel. Sorry, this is a long review but I just wanted to let you know how quickly you have enabled Lola and me to deepen our relationship. THANK YOU!!