Christiane Weninger

I want to thank James and Shelly for this video course. The way you help animals and humans to get peaceful with what ever happened in their life is just wonderful. It helped me a lot to get a deeper understanding of myself and my animals (a horse and a cat). Bothe of my animals had a difficult childhood. And so I have a lot to learn how to deepen our relationship. How to lead myself and my animals through the mindful regard. Actually it took me a while to understand what the mindful regard means. by watching all the videos I started to understand more and more. And to be honest at the beginning I just wanted to learn, understand and practice as much as possible and then I realised that this was exactly my pattern. I suffered my hole life of being stressed and pushed by my father to do everything faster and better. And I always thought why can´t I do things in my space? Why? And then I forgot that it was me how continued that pattern. I did´nt know how to stop it. And when I tried to it got even worse and stressed me. But starting with the TT also for humans it changed my thinking and it still takes time but I am on my way and I do understand more and more about the animals space and how to regard them and myself. It is a wonderful way. The way I was not only looking for actually I was seeking for it. And when I can release my anxiety and past I can get a deeper understanding first of myself and then for my animals. Thank you for you being with us and our animals. All the best Christiane