Trust Technique
Trust Technique really appealed to me because of its gentle and peaceful approach to being with animals. I had long felt at odds with many conventional animal training methods so this looked just the ticket. And it is! I am just about to complete the online video course, but I want to watch the videos all again! I have started to use the TT with our four dogs and my horse over the last few weeks and subtle changes have already begun to show. Our dogs can be particularly excitable. They're all related as well so the pack bond is strong! Our Mummy dog visibly relaxed when she realised she doesn't have the burden of care for the entire family unit, it was so magical. She has become more playful with us, and not just her two babies. She actively seeks us out for "together time" instead of sitting apart from us. Her brother has grown in confidence too and no longer lets the male pup push him around; there is a growing respect between the two of them. It's making outings tranquil and more enjoyable too. We are all more relaxed and gentler with our communications to each other on a human level as well! We all just love it! So happy to have discovered TT. It has answered all my animal concerns. Thank you James and Shelley.