Debbie Watts

This Technique has been helpful for me in building a better relationship with my horse. Not that we have had a bad relationship, but I just hadn't felt as close as I'd like to feel with her. I feel it is helping me to understand her better. Sometimes I can be in a bit of a rush and have too much thinking in my head which I believe has caused her to feel uncertain or uninterested in working with me. At first, I had a kind of a hard time getting into the present moment with her and was trying too hard and for too long. But then once I learned to regard her and what she was feeling, it all went easier and I now really enjoy our "present moment" time together and the peaceful feeling that it gives us both! Sometimes in my training with her, I can get a bit impatient as she sort of "checks out" instead of keeping a dialogue with me. So this is helping to keep our relationship close and more trusting. I am loving our new and improved relationship even though it has been a subtle change, I do feel it is better. A bigger issue I am having is with riding on the roadside when a fast or loud vehicle passes. Sukie gets tense and jumps sort of violently to the side and tries to run off. It is hard to work on this as I have no control over the passing vehicles and the timing, speed, and loudness they pass. This is my biggest challenge currently. I have done the visualization exercises and it hasn't seemed to help yet, but I will continue to work on this. I appreciate all that I am learning from this Video Course and look forward to the Practitioner Course next month! Thanks so much, Debbie Watts