Diane KOCH

Hi James, Shelley, I'm so glad of the timing where your promotional video came on youtube while I was looking for something else. It took me about 5 minutes to apply to the programme. I was developing my activity to coach people with the gentle help of horses and their emotional language. I had also applied to another training in animal communication, from a different provider a few months before and started to find my own relational approach with horses by learning ethology, to improve my way to introduce people to them during my coaching sessions. Still... something was missing to create an intuitive bond between people and animals. I couldn't find the way I wanted, to make people find their own and authentic language to interact with them... and here you come! with a beautiful, simple way to create a space of learning and communication! so I began to practice with my little Gypsie cat.. who has emotionally gone through a lot with me this 2020 year, very sensitive... I have an exceptional emotional bond with her.. way too needy for her to relax away from me even in the room next door... I didn't manage at first to introduce to her the TT because I didn't realise that few seconds were already too much for her. She's got so much contained in her little body!! I found the right pace for her and she released more and more, session after session. Now we are working with the invisible lead so she can stay peaceful if I go suddenly into another room or if I go in my car. She's so smart and I regard her in a really different way. I love the new relationship we are creating thanks to you. She's even doing the job by herself now... if I settle somewhere in the house she comes next to me and goes instantly sleepy. With light support from me, she goes into a deep healing state when she needs to. I could also tell you amazing things about horses. Still, because I didn't found at first the right pace. I wanted to be present with a mare who had her foot done and kept taking her foot back from the person working on her. I stayed so present that she pushed us all away so she could lie down. She was taking it back because my present moment was making her heavy and she couldn't stay balanced! Imagine the eyes of the owner at that time, and the person working on her... Well.. I've learned to listen to the pace of the animal with mindful regard now and the results are amazing. Thank you dearly for what you do for these animals and most of all for us to make us become better listeners to get the chance to be taught by them. They are full of resources we can't even imagine, such inspiring beings. I will straight away apply to the practitioner program so I can help to spread this mindset in France with anyone who would want to collaborate (Chloe is amazing by the way.. Trust Technique makes us meet beautiful human souls at the same time ^^). Again I'm sincerely grateful to you James, Shelley and everyone I don't know contributing to this. Have an amazing continuation Diane