donna stevens

Well, I guess the best review I can give is that I have signed up to train to be a facilitator of this heart-opening, authentic and impactful work. Coming from a background of abuse and disconnect, physical, mental and spiritual in nature, and having healed in so many ways, I understand that trauma is at the root of any behavioral issues. If healing is to happen, this root must be addressed, both in people and animals. Never have I seen it done more beautifully and simply than in the Trust Technique. All that is required is a willingness to be present for 30 seconds at a time and to go at the animal's pace with patience, perseverance and peace. I often have wondered what the world would look like if everyone were to mindfully regard not only each other, but for all life and Earth itself. Doing this course has given me a glimpse into what that might look like. I have been moved and inspired at my core.