Hello James & Shelley, I was very, very impressed with your video course. Simple to use and easily understandable material. Well formatted, beautiful videos, well explained tuition section, lovely music, and especially the enormous amount of information and footage. I can see how you both put your heart and Soul into developing not just this method over so many years, but also into the teaching it via this course to others. There is a real positive vibe in your delivery, the lay-out of the page design and the logistics as to how to handle it, as well as the accessibility to personal help via chats, your swift responses and amusing language (such as the Harry Potter theme of the owl messenger in your automatic email response :)). In addition, James himself is a wonderful role model with his calm demeanour and loving personality. I would also like to comment on the amount of video footage for so many different animals in this course, which is only meant for members and their own pets at home. Admittedly, I am surprised about the extensiveness of the material you offer just for your own personal use. It does have a rather professional training level feel to it (for instance the percentage of completion part). I could imagine, people who just want to work with their own animals, might not feel drawn to study the course in such detail about other animals or learn about how to conduct consultations. Very, very helpful and exciting for members such as me, who have decided to pursue a professional career in this beautiful method as a certified practitioner. For the ones who are not, a smaller package (but bigger than the "Messages of Trust") might be more suitable and also affordable. For me, this course experience was fantastic, because it was exactly what I was looking for in my life at this time. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am very much looking forward to go all in with the professional training in June this year.