Elsa Strauss

I simply can't wait to be able to give this gift to all animals I come into contact with. I stay down the road from the SPCA south africas animal shelter. I hope to qualify as a practitioner so I can go to these shelters and help all those animals whom need the rehabilitation so the can find their forever homes sooner and more rapidly. Animals are so pure, so precious. JAMES French, you are a Gif from God to the animals and all others whom have the wisdom that animals should be respected, loved, va.ued and cherished.This warms my heart to know I can become a healer to the creatures I sooo adore the animals that we as humanity were blessed with. They were my life line as a child and at 48 they still are. I am so great full for this skill being availed and I hope to do u proud when I I qualify eventually. Thanku so very much. Bless you