Frances Giaquinto

I've fostered many dogs over the last few years, taking them in when they first get rescued by the local animal welfare group and helping them to rehabilitate until they are ready to go to their forever homes. They always arrive in very poor physical condition and often deeply traumatised. Kindness, patience, and routine can work wonders but I have always felt more could have been done to help them but didn't know how. Now, I've found it in the Trust Technique and I realise I have been looking for exactly this for years. Thank you James and Shelley, I really look forward to starting the practitioner course. I love the simplicity of the method, yet it has such depth. It has added meaning to my own meditation practice. I've always loved the nature of non-verbal communication with animals, the joy that arises when connection happens. I feel that the practitioner training will bring a new profound depth and understanding, and I feel so grateful and privileged to have been accepted onto the course and to be able to start soon.