Thank you! To say I loved this would be woefully inadequate. I experienced a soul deep feeling of relief that felt ancient. I was moved to tears many times, tears of joy and feelings of disbelief that finally I am hearing a measured and intelligent voice expressing and explaining that which has been a longing and knowing in my heart since I was a child; to deeply connect with all sentient life in Trusted co-operation. As a deeply sensitive person who was traumatised as a child by the harshness of life in the accepted paradigm of domination and control, I am humbled to receive the information that can teach me how to Be the Change I seek. Powerful, life changing. Excellently delivered in clear and concise chunks, easy to understand what is potentially confusing English terms for the various techniques. They say the meek shall inherit the Earth......let's get this party started!! Looks like you already have.... I LOVE YOU James and Shelley xxx