Gwen McLeod

What an absolutely awesome experience! I'd looked forward to the Clinic for a long time having been on the waiting list for some months and it's fair to say it exceeded my expectations on every level. I'd hoped to develop myself and to discover new possibilities for working therapeutically with horses and I came away having a rich, profound experience of both. The Sanctuary is the most serene and perfect setting to experience the peace and unifying effect of what is such a simple but equally profound technique. James is an inspiring teacher and human being. It was truly a gift to spend time with the horses in such a 'present' way. To witness the depth of relationship that clearly exists between James and all of the horses is like nothing I've ever seen and completely beautiful - as it is to see such happy, healthy horses given the past trauma most of them have in their history. I would heartily recommend this course - not just for those with a professional connect with animals but anyone who cares for them and believes in authentic living. Thank you James, Shelley and all at Mane Chance, with love Gwen x