Fantastic. I will watch it many times, there is so much inspiring information in it, and it does inspire me to go back to the Video Course of which I am a member, and find or make more time to do this work with my horse. She is very sensitive and I have depaired of having that trusting and cooperative connection, because she was badly treated as a young horse and is wary of humans, including me despite having been my beloved horse for many years. I realize it is because I am too intense, too high level, over 7 most of the time. I have sat with her doing the mindful regard, and it interests her and changes her behaviour towards me. But we have just started, and too often I am once again in a hurry and impatient, or worried that she won't let me catch her when I want to go riding. This course makes me understand better what is missing and what I need to do. Thank you so much. It gives me hope and inspiration.