Jacqui Anderson

I have found the video course to be invaluable. I stumbled across the Trust Technique at a time in my life where I had worked very much on my own mindfulness and this seemed to be the final piece of a puzzle that very much brought all my past experiences with both my animals and myself together. I am a veterinary nurse and have also worked as a reward based trainer in the past. I have owned dogs and cats and have always been interested in behaviour and training. Having come up against some 'restrictions' and concerned how my animals seemed to be becoming more 'wired' using reward based training I looked elsewhere for alternative theories and methods. Coming to my own conclusions that over stimulation (especially with youngsters) was causing many of the behavioural problems seen in dogs it was a real eye opener to see how using the present moment could be used to further help to calm and ultimately resolve behavioural problems. I have seen dramatic results using the trust technique not only in my own animals but also in dogs that I have dealt with in the shelter where I currently work. I really do hope this way of working becomes more mainstream. It is an invaluable tool to have. Thank you so much.