Jacqui Testa

I love this content!.. The messages of trust appeared at a time in my life when I have been looking to deepen the connection I have not only with animals but with myself first. I feel I have naturally been practising mindful regard often when I am in nature and to be able to develop this further to help animals is a beautiful gift to share with them. I find it such a rewarding & healing practise & is so needed right now.. especially with all the I balance that is happening in the world. Coming back to presence within ourselves.. What better gift is there than this! Thankyou Shelley & James for your foresight in putting this course together so that we can all make good use of it in our own & animals lives.. No matter where we all are in the world!.. I am looking forward to exploring the Trust Technique Video Content Course to develop a much deeper understanding & practice of this necessary work xX