I found this course to be so inspirational having initially felt it was just another course and I'd probably end up feeling disappointed like all the other courses I have tried but was pleasantly surprised to discover a whole new way of treating animals that actually worked and was so gentle in its process. I do believe that James has got a special way with animals and so glad he has brought it out to the world and the work he and Shelley are doing to help animals worldwide and teach this process to others so they can help their animals is a gift beyond measure. I do think this is the way to treat all animals and hope that this will grow so more people are able to follow it instead of the 'traditional' ways that animals are trained which can leave a lot to answer for! The videos were so heart-warming to watch but also some heart-breaking at the same time. I feel I now have the tools to help my animals when they need it and myself which will be a beautiful journey. Thank you so much for bringing this out into the world.