Julie von Platen

James and Shelley are godsends. This work is so important, so accessible and so loving.In February, James and Shelley delivered a well thought through, well timed and easy to follow expose of the Trust Technique in a day workshop. i would re-attend in a heartbeat.

Both James and Shelley compliment each other - their belief in their work is evident and this, in turn, impacts information delivery in a very positive 'I can do this too' fashion.

i'm very very keen to follow on from the video platinum course into a practitioner course as i feel like i've been waiting my whole life to work with animals in this way.

i came away from the February workshop wanting more, very pleased to have been included and open to much broader learning. As a vipassana meditator for 22 years, daily trust technique practice is a natural compliment.

Thank you for globalising this natural, fundamental way of being.

Julie von Platen