Hello! starting the year under the impression of lockdown, distancing and all the changes that had to be mace in social life, a friend said: we must open our view for something that doesn't have these limits. There should be something for us to broaden, to deepen our understanding and personal life quality despite all these restraints we are feeling from covid. So I decided to keep my eyes open for a hint.... and came upon Trust Technique videos, don't ask me how. And it spoke to my heart immediately. But then - I don't have any animal just now. What for, then? So I purchased the first little course, I thought: well, it's like reading a book. Then decided to go on. It has been the experience of a refuge into a peaceful place, can't say it otherwise. Working on my own issues during the course gave me insight and the tools do deal with some well-known packages I was carrying. I am deeply grateful do be able to watch the course videos, to work through the exercises, and to enhance my own peace of mind and what I bring into the world by this. Smiling still at the fact that there is no animal friend yet. ( I had thought of a cat again for the moment of my retirement next year.... ) But, there may be something coming my way, you never know, do you. Thanks a lot to you, James and Shelley, for your work and the beautiful way you are presenting it to us. For the others in your team, too, who keep things working. Take care, all of you. We will live through this period and then enjoy what we took for granted even more. Katrin (Germany)