Kira Klenke

Thank you for this course and your wonderful work. I am from Germany and started the course about 4 months ago and started to apply the technique on my 2 sheep. first, I thought I am unable to learn the trust technique or that I did not understand it correct as (in the beginning and for quiet a while - several weeks!) I could see no reaction on my sheep at all. I continued because James often said: "just continue and it will work sooner or later." so I did. The first I noticed was that my relationship to my sheep changed. We had been very close already before the course, but now I could connect better to "their whole being" and I could feel and see that they also connected on a deeper level with me. They became much calmer, much less excited and greedy for food, and more patient just being/ standing with me. Then I noticed the chewing and yawning (I had never seen them yawn in the 2 years before). Now, they obviously look forward to our daily trust technique-meditation together - they fall asleep while I am doing it, sometimes snoring and totally relaxed, and for me it is a great joy to be in this absolute peaceful "room" together with them. it was worth being patient for 2-3 months. James, thank you, for sharing your work in this way. Greeting from Germany, Kira