Kristina Katharina Mareen

Thank you for these inspiring messages of trust. Living with my herd of 8 horses on a small mountain farm in Norway I have been practising a lifestyle that already included mindfulness, yoga, meditation with horses, being with horses and connecting to nature. However, your trust technique deepens and clarifies a lot of things I have been doing with my horses. I understand now that I will be able to resolve unresolved spots in my relationship with them by slowing down so much more - and by gaining a deeper awareness about the connections I have with them. I am happy that I finally looked up the trust technique. To be honest: I knew about it a couple of years but I was sceptical as I wonder if trust or love or relationship can be learned through a technique??? But your messages of trust have shown me that this is more than just another kind of 'cooking recipe'. It involves unique creativity and cooperation based on listening - each relationship is unique. I look forward to starting the video course. To know that this money will help animals in sanctuaries motivates me even more. Thank you for doing this important work to make the world a better place for animals and us!