This course arrived "by chance", at the right time. Unexpected, and so appropriate! I recognize myself as a person who thinks too much, just a little... too much! And the very beginning of the course explains with simplicity and ease all the difficulties I am currently facing (fears, lack of confidence in life, lack of relationships... which is incredible for a therapist!). And it even brought to light that my overthinking was negatively impacting my dog whom I adore. From the very first videos, I tried to reduce my overthinking behavior, and something magical happened: my dog looked at me, as if she had noticed a change; and while I remained motionless, she approached her head so that I could pet her (usually, she let me do it; there, I waited for her to come to me). I can't believe it. It's simply GREAT! Thank you so much for this introduction, with such an effective and directly applicable digest of information - so valuable! I also thank you very much for all these testimonies with animals - it's impressive what can be done, all these positive results obtained; and it's very touching to see the confidence emanating from these animals, their letting go in this mindful relationship. A thousand thanks!!!