Leanne Thorne

I have witnessed the successful results of this course over and over again. The more work I do with an animal and teach their person the more results I see. I get daily emails or texts from people I have directed to James TT. It has brought so many people to a place of understanding "what" I do and why I say you don't need to be forceful to help your animal. James nails it! it's not a program as much as it is a universal awaking of animal and human connection. My husband and I went to a weekend workshop in BC and met Shelly and James. No two people are more authentically helping people to understand the relationship one can have with their companion animals. It is amazing, beautifully uplifting and truly it is life altering for me. I am an animal communicator energy healer for animals and no modality I have learned is more aligned with the animals needs to be healed than this. Thank you both for all you do for the animals and their people. Blissful regard, Leanne