Lisa Campbell

I attended a workshop with James and Shelley in Australia earlier this year. At the time I was about to give up on a rescue horse that had come into my care. I had been advised by vets and horse experts that this horse was beyond help. I was having trouble letting go of her and attended James Trust Technique Clinic as a last hope. Through the learning of the technique and the very positive conversation held with James in regard to this horse, everything has turned around. James encouraged me to keep going with her, and through the use of the trust technique she is now a completely different horse. She has gone from what most would say dangerous, to soft and lovable, and has even started a career helping troubled teenage girls. I would highly recommend to every animal owner to attend a workshop and to purchase the video course. Its content is invaluable. Thanks James for hearing my story tears and all, and for your encouragement to keep going, your advice was so helpful.