Lyn Found

The Trust Technique is life-changing. It has changed my horse's and my life. Santi was rehomed with me from a charity 5 years ago. We have come a long way in those 5 years but much further in the 6 weeks since I found the Trust Technique. I didn't think I was being effective in the beginning until I tacked him up and, for the first time in 5 years and there was no laying back of ears or threatening to bite, there was no reaction whatsoever. I've spent a lot of time standing next to busy main roads with Santi on a lunge line trying to desensitise him to Lorrys, tractors and motorbikes with some but limited success. I now keep present on rides and although we have only met one tractor in a situation that would normally cause him to panic and me to try and stay calm, he just pricked his ears and walked calmly past. Picking his feet up has always been a challenge so I employed the strategy used with Henry and his girlfriend in the videos. Back feet are now picked up without asking, fronts are taking more patience and getting present though. Santi has never appeared to like being touched or stroked, he threatens to bite and can often appear unfriendly and is certainly never affectionate. However, I spent 15 minutes yesterday, standing 2' away from his shoulder in the field just getting present and observing his reaction as he munched on a large bale of hay. Twice, he put his nose gently on my arm for a few moments and then he took a small sideways step nearer to me, then he did another and again a couple of minutes later another until his shoulder was just touching my arm. Amazing.