Mandy Easter

This is a wonderfully informative course, and will help me no end with my work with animals. I work for a charity Animal Spay and Neuter International, we spay and neuter stray and owned dogs and cats in Romania to reduce the amount of strays on the streets. Periodically we travel to Romania to be apart of mass spay campaigns also. This will also help with my own pets, i lost a dog in december so am rescuing another from Romania next week, this is going to be invaluable to my new pup and myself...and also a stroppy cat that lives with me! I watched all the Messages of Trust videos including your amazing work with was just simply mind blowing! I am a buddhist (Engaged Buddhism) so bringing mindfulness to my dog training is just perfect! Thankyou so much James and Shelley! Im unable to afford to do the full course at the moment but hope to in the future!