Marco Satyashanti

Working through this amazing course has been a real gift for several weeks. Those weeks have been a fantastic ride on emotions and knowledge. All the videos are really wonderful and so full of emotions. And yes, they show that a really peaceful world could be possible if humans learned to lower their thinking mind and started to really listen to the language of emotions, which doesn't only connect us humans but every being on that amazingly alive planet. I have been into really a lot very interesting approaches like NLP, Taiji, Qigong, Coaching, etc. But now it feels like that I have finally arrived at the beginning of a search circle that took me into so many areas of ideas and concepts up to Integral Theory. Finally the circle of search closes in the wonderful simplicity of the Trust Technique. And that feels after having exhausted my mind for so many years in this course which has been really a confirmation and made me let go of some still hold tensions in my spiritual and nature focused world view. And that feels like that I have finally come home after a long journey. So thank you so much - well done - and I am proud of you for your work and proud of me finally being here. Peace of mind is really wonderful!