Margaret Christy

If I understood it correctly, we have our mental states Thinking Mind (our busy mind) Conscious Mind (centered and aware/receptive) Peaceful Mind (our meditative mind/peaceful feelings) Then there are learning states (paraphrased) 10-7 ____ Reactivity (too excited to learn; reacting to past trauma -- PTSD state) 6-4 ____ Conscious Learning (most effective) 3-0 ____ Peace Mind I'm most excited about the technique Mindful Regard (sharing a meditative state/feeling at a measured pace to be received by the animal). I'm most disappointed in the titles of the 3 Parts of this Message of Trust. Part 1 was great to get the concept. Well done! Part 2 and Part 3 are misleading to me, someone over 60 and tired or marketing jargon. I expected some marketing (Part 1 did it for me). However, Part 2 and 3's titles were misleading -- it's not 'Start Learning', it's 'What You Need to Do Next' and 'There Are More Courses to Take'. Maybe even as simple as 'Start Learning the Techniques BY -- taking the training course(s... So, I love the heart of this Messages of Trust, the direction you're going and taking us with you, and will do more to actually learn the techniques, but the 'marketing language' of Part 2 and 3 was very disappointing and turned me away for over a year. While the titles 'could' be interpreted as correct, innately they are misleading in this context. Am I interested in learning the techniques? Absolutely. I would just suggest renaming Part 2 and Part 3 to be more clear for others like me.