Dear James and Shelley, Thank you very much for this course and the work you are doing. This is a big present to the world. I would have liked to find this course earlier, it is so helpful and so clear and easy and I like every story you are telling and every exercise. I just love animals and can feel, that this is the missing experience or "know how to do" to create a life of joy, love, connection , trust and peace for both sides. Our wonderful dog Toffee who just loved everything and everybody and was such a beautiful personality died of an accident years ago. One year later we wanted to share our life with a new little dog and my daughter was so happy having a new companion. However, I was so anxious and fearful without any apparent reason and could not explain this, I just felt it (my brother had died of an accident some years earlier, so I suppose that this was repeated trauma and in relation to it) and these feelings had a great impact on this little being. I was not afraid of the dog, but that something bad or unexpected could happen again. The little dog became so difficult and aggressive against visitors (not with us) that we just couldn't help us and gave it back to the pet centre. In a new family his behaviour was kind and friendly again. I was conscious from the first moment, that it was me who created these difficulties with my feelings of fear and anxiety, but I just couldn't find a way out of this though I was doing Yoga and listening to wisdom teaching and asking for help to people with experience with dogs . After listening to "Message Of Trust" and "Start Learning The Techniques" I find it easy to follow and apply the technique and so I know and feel, that you and this course would have helped us and especially me. I can feel, that this course is of great help and benefit not only for animals but also for humans and I am really looking forward to continue on this site. Thank you for this. Our cat Kitty also suffered when Toffee died and she also reacts to feelings and peace, however, she is loving kindness herself too and stayed with us and went through all difficulties. This shows how much animals understand and help their family and are complete and full family members. I am really looking forward to continue with the next course. Thank you for all and kind regards, Margit