Marian Davies

I am only a short way through the course. However, I have gone from thinking, "what have I done, all those units with sub-units, have I committed to climbing Mt Everest, how can I cope with all this?" to thinking that Trust Technique should be mandatory training for all aspiring vets as well as those who have been practicing for years, along with their staffs! Owners should all be grilled on how to do it too! What I have seen so far is absolutely amazing. I have long 'whispered' to my cats over the years and especially when I was away from home, at work, or on holiday but I didnt feel that I could really 'hear' their response and was a bit skeptical that they might actually have understood my message. I am just coming to that bit in the course; how I wish I had known about all of this years ago! I am happily working my way through and feel confident that I will finish it, something I've not been too good at with other commitments lately! I have also found that it is good for me personally as my 'stuff' is being sorted as well as my learning how to sort pet problems. I havent yet fallen asleep at James' feet but do feel pretty sleepy sometimes, but then I am looking at the videos at home not in person! Thank you for all the work you have done, and the way the course is structured makes it easy to do.