Marjan Kingma

It has been an incredible experience to watch and learn about the trust technique. I am looking forward to learning more and applying the method with all the abandoned and traumatised pets in my own foundation/home shelter. I am sheltering pets for over 35 years now and communicate with them on the level that James explained that most people do. Tune into their feelings and translate. That does not come even close to what I experience when I watch James with the lions. I just know that for a particular cat in my home shelter, the method will bring about the level of trust that enables me to groom his coat. I started practising immediately and watching the videos. So many animals that I know would benefit and their lives would be so much better if I can learn to work with them at this level of consciousness. The method also fits perfectly with my own growth and spiritual development. I am a notorious overthinker. Complex PTSD. Plus acquired brain damage after a stroke when I was only 17. I am now 61. Never in my life, after that stroke, have I felt more at peace than when I first heard James talking. The effect his voice and energy has on me is worth millions for me and I could not be more grateful. I will keep following this course and hope to become a practitioner as well. And hope to meet James and Shelly in person sometime in the future.