Just finished watching for the second time the 7 videos of Ingrid and the dog Bella that she rescued from the streets of Katmandu. Wow. From the beginning James comes into find a very scared dog Bella that never new human kindness and to her humans were something to be frightened of and to stay clear of to a very happy Bella looking forward to walking with Ingrid and meeting other dogs and being pet and loved. So amazing what the trust-technique can do if we all just take the time to work with our animals. I keep thinking of what James says, Peace, patience and persistence. It is so lovely to see this. We also learn from using this technique how to be more loving, kind, non judgmental, caring and patient with ourselves. It surely shows me how to really really slow down myself and my thinking and bring peace to myself and the animals. Watching these videos always brings me to a really heartfelt place. Thank you James.