Martine Masuit

I am a person who lives for her animals and try to help animals if I can. I love the work you all do to help animals around the world and I love it that I get the chance to learn your technique. I hope I can learn it good enough to get an even stronger bond with my dogs. I adopt animals , specially "difficult" dogs that people do not want any more because they can not handle them or were abused. last three dogs I had together were a aucasin sheppard and mix breed who died very old (15 and 16) past year and a kangal (10 years old) who is still with me. I am good and kind with animals and always teach them in a kind and loving way and I try to learn as much as I can to get better in doing it for myself and the animals I have. At the moment I have no real problems and this year I got myself an American Akita pup but never the less I want to learn this technique. I love what I saw and learned so far and I can not wait to learn more.