Mary Malouf

This course has helped not only my animals but ME to be more present every day. My horses come to the fence wanting to receive the Trust Technique. My cats (who are rescued feral cats) don’t let any other human in their lives but just recently my daughter was visiting from interstate and all three cats came to the lounge room at different times and stayed resting in the same room as my daughter. In the past they’d see someone else in the house and go into hiding until the person had left. My dog is also more relaxed when we go out on our boat. She was previously unsettled by the movement but she is improving each time we go out. The lowered energy is quite the opposite of what I’d been shown by traditional dog trainers with regard to energy. The course isn’t too technical in any way so anyone can do it. I can’t wait to do the practitioner course because I think even my 8 year old granddaughter will love practising this with her dog 💕