Melanie Lewis

I thoroughly enjoyed watching all of the videos. Many of them touched me deeply and left me in tears which was a sort of sympathetic release response I think. There is a lot to get through, and naturally a lot of repetition, but I soon realised that this just confirmed the learning, so I feel as if I have learned a lot through observing James and Shelley doing their thing. It is certainly very effective in 'real life' too, and I find it amazing the way animals respond to something so essential and simple - wonderful. it really is like magic! For me, especially with the private consultations, I would love to have seen some more follow up videos or messages to see how the people got on by themselves and if the issue was totally resolved without James being in the mix. Inspirational. I just love how respectful it is of the individual animal, and it's so easy for humans to over-ride that. thanks for a great course.