Mike Robertshaw

Various things have lead me to this point, over sixty years from when I was first plonked on a horse, when I felt my life had begun. Animals, particularly horses and dogs have been my closest friends through thick and thin, including some terribly rough spells. Despite coming all too close to 70, with what many would consider a pretty vast experience of riding, teaching,training and rehabilitation with a special interest in the relationship, biomechanics, balance and posture of horse and rider to foster the art of riding through invitation rather than equipment, only now, do I feel I am beginning to learn something. The time is right to fine tune all this and I feel I've been led to the Trust Technique for that very purpose, it's exactly what I need. Thank you James and your team for putting the courses together in such an accessible form and for sharing your passion and deep understanding, I wholeheartedly wish to be a part of it and urge others to join in building a greater understanding between all sentient animals.