So far this has been beyond great! I purchased my first horse in 1999 and have had several throughout the years. We still own the first two we purchased. A 25 year old Arabian mare and a 26 year old quarter horse gelding. I wish I had known about the Trust Technique 22 years ago. We currently own four horses and I was skeptical...but hopeful that they would respond like the horses in the videos... as they have had a lot of years of me implementing training methods. Not harsh, but not putting the needs of the horses before my own ego and agenda. The first day I played with it with Bella, a mare who was born on our farm, I took her into the scary arena, which she has never laid down or rolled in since we moved here a year ago. I practiced keeping my mind quiet from the moment I went to get her from the pasture. I offered for her to lay down, thinking if she did she would roll and then get back up right away. But, she stayed laying down with me for 30 minutes. In subsequent play sessions in there she has done a lot of yawning, blowing and licking. In our last session she did spins on the pedestal and rolled a big ball back and forth with me. I have also been taking TT out to my herd. The third time, three of the four laid all the way down, flat, out cold! It is also going very well with my gelding, Uhtred, who I was given 2 years ago. He's a highly sensitive, anxious horse who had problems with his first thee owners. We have made some good progress but TT is the piece of the puzzle we were missing. He was the first to come lay down but the most anxious when I take him away from the herd or any of the herd leaves him. We have had two really great sessions in the arena . He almost laid down...knees bent, but just couldn't quite make I'm so excited to have found this and eager to finish the course! I am even considering becoming certified. Thank you so much for the way you are helping us to change lives!